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When are men and women most fertile?

Men and women are different in terms of how the reproductive system works.

In men sperms are produced continuously from the time of puberty and hence do not have a fertile window as such.

Women on the other hand are born with eggs in their ovaries. These eggs are present in tiny sac of cells called Follicles. Every cycle, one egg is released from a follicle about two weeks before the next period. Pregnancy is most likely to happen in the three days prior to ovulation. The day of ovulation is the last fertile day and the chances decrease to 1% or less within 24 hours. There are ways by which you can predict ovulation. However these are not very reliable.

Couples are therefore advised to have regular intercourse every 2 to 3 days to maximize their chances of pregnancy.

Be positive, stay healthy and keep faith!

Dr. Abha Bhat








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