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How can I tell that I'm ovulating?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Ovulation is the process of release of egg from the ovary. Once ovulation occurs, the next period will come after about 2 weeks unless there is a pregnancy. The period from the beginning of the cycle to ovulation may vary but the time from ovulation to next period is constant. At this time you will notice mucus that is transparent, like raw egg white. It is stretchy, watery and may be reddish (with some blood). Body temperature too rises slightly just after ovulation and this may be detectable using a thermometer. Ovulation predictor kits are also available in the market to help pin point the time of ovulation. However none of these are very accurate or reliable.

Once an egg is released it is alive only for about 24 hours. Sperms (that swim up after sexual intercourse) however are thought to survive at least for 2-3 days. In women who have regular periods, and hence can be presumed to ovulate regularly need not bother with the time of ovulation. Regular intercourse every 2-3 days would ensure optimal chances of pregnancy and at the same time reduce the stress and make the process more spontaneous.

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