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Conception Tips

The most crucial yet least heeded advice is to normalize your weight. The chances of conception decrease if your weight is too much or too less. In terms of BMI (Body Mass Index) ideally weight should be between 19.5 and 24.5. A healthy lifestyle with balanced diet with calorie control and regular exercise should help you work towards your target weight.

Women trying to conceive should take Folic acid supplement daily.

Sexual position, orgasm or rest after intercourse do not have any impact on the chances of conception. It may be best to avoid lubricants without doctor's advice as they may affect the sperm quality.

If your periods are regular, you can assume that you are ovulating (releasing egg) regularly. It is tempting to use apps or LH kits to second guess the fertile period. My advice to you would be to preserve spontaneity as long as possible ensuring you have sexual intercourse at least every 2 to 3 days. Your partner would certainly thank you for it!

Smoking has been linked to lower fertility in women as well as men and is best avoided. It is also recommended that alcohol too is best avoided as a safe level for pregnancy is not known. Excessive drinking is also thought to reduce fertility in men as well as women.

BEFORE TRYING TO CONCEIVE, seek advice if you have

  • Diabetes

  • Underactive or Overactive Thyroid

  • Blood disorders (such as Sickle cell disease, Thalassemia minor, etc.)

  • Pre-existing mental health condition

  • Any other major illness requiring regular medications

  • Irregular or No periods

Consult a fertility specialist if

  • you have had an abdominal surgery in the past

  • you have been diagnosed to have Endometriosis

  • you have had Ectopic pregnancy in the past

  • Tubectomy/Tubal ligation operation as a method of contraception

  • the female partner's age is 36 years or older and you have been trying to conceive (or stopped using contraception) for 6 months.

Post your questions in the comment box below to get a reply from me real soon!

Be positive, stay healthy and keep faith!

Dr. Abha Bhat








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