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Conception is a wondrous event, a result of several coincidences happening in the right order:

  • release of egg (or ovum) from the ovary

  • the egg enters the fallopian tube (usually of the same side)

  • cohabitation occurs (at or just before)

  • sufficient number of sperms travel up the vagina, uterus and into the fallopian tubes,

  • egg and sperms interact culminating in formation of EMBRYO

  • embryo continues to move along the tube and into the uterus

  • embryo 'implants' or burrows into the inside layer of the and starts growing as a pregnancy

What are the chances?

As the number of coincidences are so many, on an average:

  • only about 15-25% of couples are successful in conceiving per month.

  • about 80% conceive in the first twelve months of trying

  • about half of those who do not conceive in the first year conceive in the following year

(this is especially true when the couples trying are less than 35 years of age, in good health, and cohabiting regularly.)

Post your questions in the comment box below to get a reply from me real soon!

Be positive, stay healthy and keep faith!

Dr. Abha Bhat






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